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Meteo statistics in Marseille at the end of March show a generally clear and sunny sky, a temperature of 12 to 15 °C during the day (4 to 8 °C at night) and a relatively low rainfall (occurrence of 5 to 15%).

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Marseille history museum

History museum Reopened in 2013, the Museum of History of Marseille has been constructed around the Bourse archaeological site, close to the Vieux-Port, to create a link beetween it and the city. This modern museum, combining art and technology, uses multimedia systems to immerse in the living history of Marseille, the oldest city of France. The visit takes place in 12 sections : starting from the Cosquer Cave and ending with the Marseille of today and tomorrow. It includes objects, films, testimonies of the protagonists and 3D reconstructions.

Museum of natural history

Longchamps Labeled "Museums of France" since 2002, the Museum of Natural History of Marseille is distinguished by the scientific and heritage quality of its collections. It covers all traditional disciplines of natural history museums through its collections of botany, paleontology, mineralogy, zoology and humanities. 


MUCEM As the first museum devoted to Mediterranean cultures, the Mucem is a completely novel structure. The product of the metamorphosis of a major societal museum – the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions, created in Paris in 1937 –, it represents the first real conversion of a museum from national to regional. The Mucem Museum of the Civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean opened in Marseille in June 2013. By the following year, it had joined the ranks of the 50 most visited museums in the world. Both its exhibitions and its cultural programmes offer a multidisciplinary vision that combines anthropology, history, archaeology, art history and contemporary art to show the public the multiple facets of the Mediterranean world and its ongoing dialogue with Europe.

Museum of contemporary art [MAC]

MAC The [MAC] collection thus accounts for most of the production of the second half of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century. It is made up of high-quality works from New Realists, Support Surface, Arte Povera, Land Art and the Fluxus movement. The Narrative Figuration is represented by a group of remarkable paintings while several installations (sculpture, photo and video) reveal the originality of the art of performance and body art.


Many other museums await you: museum of decorative arts and faience in Borely, Cantini museum, multicultural center of the Old Charity, museum of the soap factory, museum of petanque and provencal game, museum of the motorcycle, museum Provence regards...


Must-see places

Notre Dame de la Garde

Notre_Dame_de_la_Garde.jpg 43°17′2.5″N  5°22′16″E

Old Port

Vieux Port 43°17′41″N  5°22′15″E

Palais Longchamps

Palais Longchamps 43°30′43″N  5°39′45″E

Chateau d'If

Chateau d'If 43°16′47.5″N  5°19′30.5″E

Calanques Park

En-Vau 43°13″N  5°26″E
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